As illustrated in the organizational diagram below, the Center Director, Gitte Moos Knudsen, assisted by the full-time Center Manager, Peter Steen Jensen, has the overall responsibility for meeting the milestones within NeuroPharm, including the financial and reporting responsibility.

The Center Director is chair of the Center Steering Group which has the function of reviewing the overall progress of the Center and discuss new strategic initiatives. The main task of the Steering Group is to assist and provide consultancy to the Director, for example in relation to major changes in the projects, meeting arrangements, and involvement of external experts.

Day-to-day basis operation of the Center is taken care of by a Council of Investigators (CoI) Group consisting of the younger work package leaders with the daily responsibility for the different NeuroPharm projects. The CoI group is in charge of monitoring and discussing research progress in all projects by mutually informing about individual project status and discussing practical and scientific aspects.