On June 2, 2021, around 35 researchers from NeuroPharm gathered at Comwell Borupgaard for the NeuroPharm annual meeting 2021, while another 15-20 researchers attended the meeting online. The meeting was the first larger physical meeting in a long time because of the covid-19 lockdown period so it was very nice finally to be able to host it. All participants had a great time and there were many good scientific discussions. The program for the 1-day meeting consisted of a series of inspiring scientific presentations followed by a well-deserved social dinner in the night.





We are happy to announce that the Innovation Fund Denmark has approved that their generous grant (15.6 mio DKK) to the establishment of the NeuroPharm center can be spend over a two year longer period, i.e. until the end of 2022.

With this extended time frame and thanks to a substantial amount of additional funding that we have successfully managed to acquire since the center was launched in the beginning of 2015, we are now in an optimal position to conduct the full NeuroPharm research program. We look forward to many interesting results.


On June 16-17 nearly 40 researchers involved in NeuroPharm were gathered at Comwell Køge Strand for the NeuroPharm Annual 2017 meeting. The 1½ day meeting consisted of a full program of scientific presentations as well as social gathering in the night.